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HVAC Unit Cleaning

HVAC Unit Cleaning

Our HVAC unit cleaning service is effective, reliable and speedy. Hire us to professionally restore and improve the condition and functionality of the system.

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Insulation Services

Insulation Services

Our professional insulation services include quality installation of floor, wall and ceiling insulation. Ensure your rooms lose and waste significantly less heat by hiring our services.

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Air Duct Replacement

Air Duct Replacement

Residential Exhaust System Cleaning & Air Duct Repair

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Methodical HVAC maintenance!

This will fill you in on significant tips and guidelines that will help make air duct cleaning easier. Did you recently move to a new house? Read about the importance of checking air ducts and how to improve indoor air quality both at home and in the office.

Check the air ducts before you move to a new house

Air duct repair is important to old homes and Air Duct Cleaning Arcadia would suggest checking their condition before you move to a new house. Perhaps you will need HVAC unit repair in order to ensure good insulation and efficiency of the unit and air duct seal repair to save energy and avoid bad smells in the house.

Why commercial air duct cleaning is important

The first serious diseases related HVAC systems started from businesses and air duct repair can really protect both your employees and visitors from allergies and severe respiratory problems. Air duct maintenance will certainly improve the efficiency of the entire HVAC system and if you combine it with air duct coating repair you will be able to manage energy much better and save a lot of money.

Check indoor air quality

Indoor air quality should be tested regularly in order to make sure that the health of the people living inside a space is also protected. Testing of indoor air quality can be done by our experts in Arcadia. A good indoor quality also reduces energy costs, aside from making a room comfortable.

Brooms can reach the dust on the ceiling

If you are unable to use your vacuum cleaner to reach the air ducts on the ceiling you will likely need to use a broom or something similar to dislodge all of the dirt and dust. Make sure that you have a mask on when you do this.

Do my air ducts need cleaning?

The frequency of cleaning your air ducts can vary but if your house has recently undergone renovations or you’ve moved to a new home, it may need cleaning. Our expert air duct cleaning professional can inspect your air ducts using video equipment and ascertain if it needs cleaning.

If the dryer takes longer to dry the clothes, the exhaust vent will need cleaning

The longer drying time shows that the hot and steamy air cannot get outside because lint has blocked the vent. The duct has to be cleaned straight away. Otherwise, the appliance can go on fire which can spread to the entire house. The removal of the lint build-up will cut the drying time and the energy consumption as well.

Cleaning your air ducts

The air in your home travels through your air ducts several times a day. Along the way, it picks up dust, dander and other debris. Eventually all of this detritus may accumulate in your air ducts. You may be able to clean your air ducts yourself, depending on the amount of buildup you are dealing with. Dirt and debris near the vents can be easily removed with a vacuum. If you see a trail of dirt and debris beyond your reach, consider calling a professional.

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